Software Development

Technodrive Business Solutions Inc’s vast solutions took a part in few “In house projects” for our clients. We are involved in several software projects which were developed with Technodrive Business Solutions Inc’s project life cycle methods. We have designed and developed software to use it for our company purpose as well as to sell the service. Our current projects are Mass Mailing Software using asp.net, Relational Database Management System and applications for a retail store using java, oracle database and accounting packages. We also provide technical support for different clients on various IT technologies. We do have an excellent laboratory for research and to develop applications for our clients.

Our approach to deal with software laid us on top of the knowledge to provide an excellent business service in the areas of web development, security, testing, software deployment, database management, ERP, networking solutions and all data warehousing projects.

Please contact us at info@technodriveinc.com to get more information on contract procedure and policies.

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Technodrive Business Solutions Inc provides cutting edge solutions development based on the latest advances in open software design and integration.


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